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Knowing Jesus Through the Old Testament

Author: Wright, Christopher J. H.

Publisher: LPR

ISBN: 9781907713996


We cannot know Jesus without knowing his story.

And that story began long before Jesus was born in Bethlehem. The Gospels tell us clearly that Jesus himself, along with his earliest followers, understood who he was and what he came to do in the light of the story of Israel as told in the pages of the Old Testament. Like them, we too will find that our own understanding of both Jesus and the Old Testament is transformed as we see each in the light of the other.

Engaging with the Scriptures, Christopher J. H. Wright uncovers Jesus’ self- understanding as Son of Man and Son of God, following the path and fulfilling the call that God had placed before Israel. Through this we discover that the deeper we go into understanding the Old Testament, the closer we come to the heart of Jesus. In this revised and updated second edition Wright digs deeper into the Old Testament revealing the God whom Jesus embodied. Each chapter is followed with questions and exercises, which can be used either in personal study or in group discussion.

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Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 256
Price: £13.99
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