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African Christian Theology

Author: Kunhiyop, Samuel Waje

Publisher: HippoBooks

ISBN: 9789966003164


God is eternal, but the questions we ask about him are always rooted in our own culture. Thus our understanding of theology is also rooted in our culture. Dr Samuel Kunhiyop is deeply aware of this, and so has produced African Christian Theology as a companion book to his African Christian Ethics. In this book, Dr Kunhiyop addresses many of the same issues mentioned in Western systematic theologies, but also addresses issues that are not mentioned in those books, including the spirit world, ancestors, and the power of blessings and curses. This book thus constitutes an excellent introduction to systematic theology in relation to the traditional African world view and to the Bible.

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Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 270
Price: £15.99
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