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The Challenge of Preaching Now Available in Print and on Kindle!

John Stott’s thoughtful and practical advice given at some length inI Believe in Preaching has here been abridged by eliminating quotations and examples that spoke more directly to readers in the UK and the US in the 1980s. Greg Scharf has retained the core of the original book but made it more accessible to contemporary readers.

John Stott, one of the great biblical preachers of our day, reflects on the principles that govern good preaching and provides practical advice to anyone who preaches. He stresses the need for careful listening, both to God’s Word and to the contemporary world, and urges that the preacher’s life supports his message.

When you purchase this book from our website we will give a free copy of the same book to a Majority World library or pastor. This is provided for under Langham Literatures Book +1 initiative.