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Christianity in Suriname

The Republic of Suriname, located in northern South America has a rich and diverse history going back several centuries. This has seen the introduction of Christianity and the establishment and creation of many church denominations. To date, major theological works have failed to provide correct, balanced and informative dialogue on the history of Christianity and its developments in Suriname.

In response to the lack of information available to the academic world this publication aims to provide a survey of the history, a summary of the works of theologians and a guide to reliable sources about Christianity in Suriname. Through overviewing the history of the major denominations in Suriname and focusing on only some major issues surrounding Christianity the author delivers a unique single volume for both the general reader and a starting point for further research.

When you purchase this book from our website at retail price we will give a free copy of the same book to a Majority World library or pastor. This is provided for under Langham Literature's Book +1 initiative.