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Fulfill Wishlist

Even though we give colleges an annual grant to buy books, their literatures need are still great! Help a college library by donating either partially or fully to a book wishlist that they have created. Select your preferred country and college in order to view a Wishlist, and then select the quantities you would like to provide for.

If you are interested in other ways of donating to Majority World colleges and pastors as well as the wider work of Langham Literature and Langham Partnership International please see our Donor Options Page.

Why can't I find my college?

At risk countries

We do not show colleges in countries where they are at significant risk.

Not verified

We verify colleges and deliver books only to "bona fide" institutions.

Unknown to Langham

Email us with the name, country and contact of the college(s) you wish for us to research.

Ineligible colleges

Some colleges are not eligible to receive books, for various reasons.

In the event that a country or college is not able to receive books (whether due to political or other reasons) Lagham will direct books to where most needed.

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