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About Us

It is our vision to build up the global Church, not only do we seek to support the Majority World with a supply of literature resources from around the world, but also to give it a voice to the rest of the world! Through our Creative Programmes we support, partner and publish works from the Majority World as well as works focused on the Majority World. The Book +1 Initiative galvanizes this vision by directly providing a book to a College Library or Pastor in the Majority World every time a copy is purchased from us here in the west.

Please have a look through the books in Our Publications and keep an eye out for the  icon in the description which indicates that is is a qualifying book under this initiative. Some of the qualifying books are listed below.

BookImage BookImage

Pastors in NE India hold up their books
* Please note that this initiative is only available on specific books where the description indicates. It is also only available when the book is purchased directly from us or from an authorised reseller that specifically identifies that the book is part of the initiative. We provide the books under this initiative to Colleges and Pastors in the Majority World within our predetermined distribution network, we cannot accept requests to deliver books to specific individuals or institutes under this initiative. For more information please Contact Us.

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